Antigua Pro Soprano Saxophone

Type: Saxophone-Soprano
Brand: Antigua
Serial No.: MYS070029

Model SS4290RLQ
Red brass body with lacquer finish, curved and straight necks, high F# and G keys, ABS case.
This was a demo horn. It is as close to new as you can get. Call to get the specially discounted price. 310-839-3575

LIST $2349
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Ridenour Lyrique low E flat Bass Clarinet

Ridenour Lyrique RCP-925e low Eb bass clarinet adams music*SOLD*
Type: Clarinet-Bass
Brand: Ridenour
Serial No.: 1509001

This new Lyrique Bb bass clarinet, which plays to the standard low Eb, is a professional quality bass in every respect — except price.

The Ridenour Lyrique bass has been completely redesigned from the ground up, with a smooth, quiet, durable mechanism. It features a double register key, an adjustable neck for tuning, a left hand Ab/Eb key, a middle joint lock for consistent assembly, and a fly wheel to facilitate secure adjustment of the bass peg. Its tone is both resonant and warm. It has an outstanding scale and an even, non-quirky blowing resistance.

Bass clarinetists will be amazed at how beautiful it sounds, plays and tunes. Students who are making the transition from the Bb soprano clarinet to the bass will find it very “user friendly.”

We have changed the case so that you can store the bass with the upper and lower joints assembled. This reduces any possible damage or adjustment issues caused by assembling and disassembling the bass over and over.

The pure, natural hard rubber body will create a worry-free clarinet that will remain dimensionally stable year round. It will not crack and break your heart like wood clarinets.

• With mid-line mouthpiece $2,095.00 USD
• With pro mouthpiece $2,195.00 USD

*SOLD* Pearl Flute PF-500

Type: Flute
Brand: Pearl
Serial No.: 102490

Flute teachers want a quality flute that is affordable for students.  It needs to be reliable and offer great performance so that every new flute student can devlop a great sound and excellent technique.  With this in mind, Pearl has introduced the new PF500 series to meet this need.

The PF500 starts with our standard 505 model and offers it in one style.  It is all silver plated, with offset G (no split E), C foot joint, and our standard quantz headjoint cut.  Like all Pearl flutes, our exclusive pinless mechanism is at the heart of the mechanics.  To save on cost for students, the standard accessories have been changed.  The PF500 comes with just the basics: a plastic hardshell case and a wood cleaning rod.

At last an affordable AND high quality flute is available for new flute students.
List price $950
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Howarth S1 Clarinet

Howarth S1 Clarinet from Adam's Music in Los Angeles, CaliforniaType: Clarinet
Brand: Howarth
Serial No.: 1264

Howarth Model S1 Bb clarinet in the original case with a black nylon case cover.

A fine handmade clarinet made by the famous British oboe maker T.W. Howarth & Co. This clarinet design is one of the first professional clarinet models every produced. The clarinet is in pristine condition, and gets 9 out of 10 stars for playability and appearance. The case and cover merits 9 stars.

$2500 USD