Buescher 400 Alto Saxophone

Type: Alto Saxophone
Brand: Buescher
Serial No.: 644626

The 1975 Buescher 400 alto saxophone is an excellent instrument by one of the premier saxophone makers of the 20th century. Not many brands are able to combine build quality, ergonomics, tone, and elegance into a single instrument. Buescher, however, poured decades of experience making saxophones into the design of the 400, and it certainly shows. This is a top-flight vintage horn that is favored by players from every corner of the world. The Buescher 400’s bell begins to flare earlier than on other saxophones, and it has a wider bell opening. This design focuses the low end and offers a dynamic range that’s hard to achieve on other altos. It also gives it a somewhat unique appearance.

Here’s a demo video of a different Buescher 400 of a similar vintage.

This saxophone has a lacquer finish with a nickel-plated keywork, both of which are in excellent condition. This sax is in good physical shape except for re-solders on the low C and low Eb key guard posts, which is shown in the pictures. This Buescher 400 also comes with a vintage 70s two-tone case. Overall, this sax is in great condition, and it’s ready for someone to make it sing again.

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