Buffet R13 clarinet 80310

Buffet Crampon R-13 Professional Bb Clarinet 80310

Type: Clarinet

Brand: Buffet Crampon

Serial No.: 80310

Buffet Crampon is a world-class maker of woodwind instruments. Their legendary R13 has been a popular choice with professionals since its inception. Almost all modern clarinets are based off the design of the R13.

This Bb clarinet has nickle-plated keys and the body is made from Grenadilla wood. The instrument’s poly-cylindrical bore is a trademark of a Buffet Crampon clarinet. This helps create clear tones with good projection across all octaves.

This instrument is in great condition and has only become more valuable with age. Based on the serial number, this Buffet Crampon R13 was made in France between 1966 and 1967. This is from a period that was considered a “golden age” for Buffet Crampon clarinets. In the right hands, this clarinet has many more years of making music ahead of it. This instrument comes with an accompanying MBT case, with a soft padded interior. The case is not original, but it’s a great option to keep this clarinet safe during travel.

This clarinet is a great option for any musician looking for a professional-grade clarinet. For questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us.

$1600 USD