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Buffet Keilwerth Tenor Saxophone

Type: Saxophone-Tenor
Brand: Buffet
Serial No.: 98166

This is an extremely rare custom Keilwerth tenor developed by Peter Ponzol through Keilwerth and then sold through the Buffet name. There were a very limited number of these saxophones made. Many of the designs on this saxophone eventually found its way to the Buffet Expression model which was SX90 collaboration between Keilwerth and Buffet.

This tenor was constructed to put some more “Selmer Like” concepts onto a Keilwerth. The bell is slightly smaller then the SX90 and it also has straight tone holes as opposed to rolled. Its key work feels more compact and nimble under the fingers in contrast to the bigger feeling key work and pearls of the standard Keilwerth. The design of the horns gives a more centered sound and extremely fast response.

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