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Clarinet Care and Maintenance

Adam’s Music rents clarinets for musicians from beginners to professionals. We have a wide range of rental instruments suitable for players at any level, and for all budgets. No matter how much your rental instrument costs, Adam’s Music ensures it is in good working order before you take it home. Use these handy care and maintenance tips to keep your instrument looking and sounding great.


clarinet maintenance 1 apply cork grease

Apply cork grease

Apply cork grease to the tenon corks on each of the joints on your clarinet.

clarinet maintenance 2 clarinet barrel

Connect the barrel

Connect the barrel to the upper tube on your Bb clarinet. If you have a bass clarinet, connect the neck to the upper tube.

clarinet maintenance 3 assemble lower tube and bell

Connect the lower tube and bell

Hold the lower tube firmly, but be careful of the key assemblies. Gently press the bell onto the lower tube.

clarinet maintenance 4 assemble upper and lower tubes

Connect the upper and lower tubes

While depressing the ring keys, connect the upper tube assembly from step 2 to the lower tube from step 3. This will protect the bridge key mechanism from damage.

clarinet maintenance 5 assemble mouthpiece

Attach the mouthpiece

Press the mouthpiece onto the assembled barrel. Align the mouthpiece so that the ramp surface of the mouthpiece (where the reed goes) lines up with the thumb register key.

clarinet reed being affixed to mouthpiece

Attach the reed

Align the reed on the mouthpiece, then slide the ligature over the reed. Be careful not to damage the tip of the reed during assembly. When you have the ligature in place, hand tighten the ligature screws.


clarinet maintenance 7 remove the mouthpiece

Remove the reed

Loosen the ligature screws and remove the reed, the ligature, and the mouthpiece from the barrel.

clarinet maintenance 8 separate barrels

Separate upper and lower tubes

Press the ring keys on the upper joint while you separate the upper and lower tubes by gently turning and pulling.

clarinet maintenance 2 clarinet barrel

Remove the barrel

Detach the barrel from the upper tube.

clarinet maintenance 3 assemble lower tube and bell

Remove the bell

Detach the bell from the lower tube.

Cleaning and Maintenance

clarinet body piece being cleaned with rag

Clean the clarinet body sections

After each playing session, clean your clarinet by pulling a cleaning swab through each body section. This will remove any moisture that condenses on the inside surfaces of your clarinet.

Clarinet maintenance12 wiping the clarinet

Wipe the exterior of the clarinet

Using a soft cleaning cloth, wipe the body and the keys gently to remove fingerprints and dirt. Be careful not to scratch the body sections or damage the keys while cleaning.

clarinet reed being inserted into reed holder

Store the mouthpiece and reed

Clean and dry off the reed and mouthpiece. To maintain peak performance and lengthen the life of the reed, store it in a reed protector.

Be Careful !

Your clarinet is designed and built to make beautiful music for many years. While your instrument is sturdy, it’s not designed to work if it’s neglected or abused. Here are some dos and don’ts of proper clarinet care:

If There's a Problem

Adam’s Music wants you to enjoy your clarinet. These maintenance and care tips will help keep your clarinet in top playing shape. If you have a problem with your instrument, don’t try to fix it yourself. Contact Adam’s Music for instructions. We’re your friendly neighborhood music store in West Los Angeles.

Click here for a printable PDF version of the Adam’s Music Clarinet Care and Maintenance Page

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