Conn Shooting Star saxophone inside case

Conn “Shooting Star” Alto Saxophone


Type: “Shooting Star” Alto Saxophone
Brand: Conn
Serial No.: #L99015

Since its inception, Conn has been a major influence on the production of brass, woodwinds, and saxophones in the U.S.. Their Shooting Star model is popular among players of all levels for being reliable and affordable while packing a punch musically. Although this is a student saxophone, it’s an excellent instrument for musicians, collectors, and students alike.

Based on the serial number, this Conn Shooting Star was manufactured in 1968. Despite its age, this sax is in good playing condition. There are some minor blemishes in the lacquer and dings on the body. The horn was recently serviced to ensure the keywork, pads, and mechanisms are all in working order. The saxophone has a strong, but balanced sound. The sax also comes with its original carrying case, which is in good condition for its age.

This Conn “Shooting Star” Alto Saxophone is a great option for beginners and pros alike. If you want to know more about this instrument, feel free to contact us.