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Flute Care and Maintenance

Adam’s Music has flute rentals for musicians at all levels. We stock a wide range of rental instruments suitable for players from first-day beginners to working professionals. Adam’s Music keeps a large stock of musical instruments on hand to accommodate every budget. No matter how much your rental instrument costs, Adam’s Music ensures it is in good working order before you take it home. Use these handy care and maintenance tips to keep your flute looking and sounding great.


Adams Music Flute Assembly 1

Hold the Barrel

Carefully but firmly, take hold of the barrel of the flute away from the keys.

Adams Music - Flute Assembly Step 2

Connect the Foot Joint

Use a gentle, twisting motion to insert the foot joint into the body joint.

Adams Music - Flute Assembly Step 3

Connect the Head Joint

Use the same gentle, twisting motion to insert the head joint into the body.

Flute care adamsmusic.com Assembly Step 4 align the lip plate

Adjust the Lip Plate

Carefully align the lip plate so that the embouchure hole is inline with the C# key on the body joint.


Adams Music - Flute Assembly Step 4

Remove the Head Joint

Remove the head joint from the body of the flute using a twisting motion.

silver flute being assembled

Remove the Foot Joint

Take off the foot joint from the flute body using a gentle, twisting motion. Don't depress the keys while disassembling the flute.

Cleaning and Maintenance

flute maintenance adamsmusic.com

Organize Your Parts

After disassembly, carefully place all the parts of your flute on a flat surface.

flute maintenance wipe 1

Use a Cleaning Swab

Attach one corner of a cleaning swab to the end of a cleaning rod. Wrap the rest of the cloth around the rod. Remove moisture from inside of all three pieces of the flute with the swab. Alternately, tie the swab to a string, and pull the swab through the flute parts.

flute maintenance wipe 2

Wipe and Store

After swabbing out the flute, gently clean the exterior with a soft polishing cloth made for musical instruments. Place each part into the flute case as you clean it.

Be Careful !

Your flute was designed and built to make beautiful music, and to last for many years. While your flute is sturdy and made from durable materials, it’s not designed to work if it’s neglected or abused. Here are some dos and don’ts of proper flute care:

If There's a Problem

Adam’s Music wants you to enjoy your flute. Our maintenance and care tips will help keep your flute in top playing shape. If you have a problem with your instrument, don’t try to fix it yourself. Contact Adam’s Music for instructions. Remember, we’re your friendly neighborhood music store in West Los Angeles.

Click here for a printable PDF version of the Adam’s Music Flute Care and Maintenance Page

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