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Adam’s Music is pleased to offer private, in-store violin lessons with Ann Dunn at their full-service music store in West Los Angeles.

ann dunn violin lessons

Ann Dunn chose violin instruction for herself at at nine years of age.

“No one in my family had studied music and I had never gone to a concert. The local high school orchestra performed at my school, and when the conductor held up a violin for us to see, I said, “I’ll have that.”

Education and Experience

  • Played violin professionally in orchestras and ensembles.
    Studio musician for film and TV
  • Concert Master for Mozart’s opera Abduction from the Seraglio, with solos
  • Violin soloist for the Verdi Requiem
  • Studied violin with Stanley Plummer and Mehli Mehta at UCLA, playing orchestra engagements and chamber music
  • Founded commercial string quartet, “The Group”
  • Studied under Henry Temianka and Lorand Fenyves from the Royal Academy of Music at the Banff School of Fine Arts
  • Studied with L. Fisher from the Eastman School of mMusic, with Norman Nelson from St. Martin in the Fields, BBC Symphony, the Vancouver Symphony, and the Purcell String Quartet, the Hungarian String Quartet and the world-renowned William Primrose
  • Familiar with everything from the Suzuki Book 1 to the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto.

Ann Dunn on Violin Instruction

“While it is always gratifying when a student makes violin his or her life, there are many reasons to study a musical instrument aside from being a professional. Perhaps the single most important reason is to enter the magical realm of music.

Playing an instrument is different from anything else you do. The discipline can be rigorous, the hours practicing long and difficult, and the focus intense. But the rewards are equally great – a life-long devotion to great music, sharpened fine motor coordination, increased mental acuity, and a joy in life that comes only from music.

And, at other times, it is a complete rest – a vacation. Many of my adult students take lessons just for that reason: a beautiful escape.”

Ann Dunn has 20 years of experience in violin instruction for beginners and advanced students, and is a sought-after professional violinist. Contact Adam’s Music to arrange private, in-store violin instruction from Ann!







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