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Guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and banjo lessons-

Adam’s Music is pleased to offer private, in-store music lessons with Michael Greenfield at their full-service music store in West Los Angeles.

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Adam’s Music in West Los Angeles is proud to offer guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and banjo lessons from Michael Greenfield. Michael is a talented multi-instrumentalist, and he’s available for both classical and electric guitar lessons, along with several other less common fretted instruments. His wide-ranging repertoire and deep experience makes it easy for him to teach his students no matter what style of music they prefer.

Michael believes that everybody is different, and that everybody learns at a different pace. That’s exactly the approach that Michael takes when he teaches. He’s committed to adapting your lessons to your unique needs, and to the type of music you want to play.

Michael has been playing guitar since 1975. He got his BA in Guitar Performance at UCLA, and then spent 2 years at a Conservatory of Music in Bordeaux, France studying Classical Guitar.

Michael knows more than music theory. He’s a busy live performer, and he can also help students at all levels to learn how to perform in public. He started out playing in “the pit” for a host of musicals from Anything Goes to Will Rogers Follies throughout the Los Angeles area. Shows like these require the ability to play multiple instruments, which gave Michael the chance to expand his chops on the “other” fretted instruments like ukulele, mandolin,  banjo — even the bouzouki.

Michael owns the popular “Ace of Hearts Entertainment,” entertaining audiences in the Los Angeles area since 1995. Ace of Hearts provides live entertainment for weddings, parties, mitzvahs, corporate events and more.

Since 1987, Michael has been teaching guitar (both classical and electric), ukulele, mandolin and hard-to-find banjo lessons. He’s always careful to listen to what each student wants to accomplish, and then builds on their strengths while making sure they enjoy the process. His enthusiasm for playing is infectious, and in his own words, “Come on. Let’s do this!”

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