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Adam’s Music in West Los Angeles is pleased to offer voice and piano lessons with Nassim Khaligh. Nassim is a dedicated and talented pianist, composer, writer, singer, musician, teacher, producer, and performer.

voice and piano lessons

She learned jazz vocal and piano techniques at the University of Southern California, the Berklee College of Music, and with other music industry professionals. Nassim received a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from USC. She split her courses between education and music. This helps her to connect with students of all ages. Her passion for the creative arts translates into a warm, genuine, and natural teaching style.

Voice and piano are Nassim’s main instruments. Since piano is a rhythm instrument, she also studied percussion and guitar to enhance her music knowledge and skills. Being able to hear and understand all instrumental parts is important for aspiring musicians. Nassim passes these rhythmic strengths on to her students, stressing rhythmic studies at all levels. Along with theory, consistency, and discipline in learning, she brings fun into her lessons for a balanced educational experience.

Nassim believes music is a gift. She treats voice and piano lessons as a continual unwrapping of special and unique presents. Learning music is also like learning a language. Once someone learns the language of music, they will “speak” and comprehend music as a whole. The effects stays with the student for the rest of their life. Because her life has been blessed by music, Nassim hopes to pass on the language and gift of music to her students. Her goal is to educate and inspire skill, passion, joy, and creativity.

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