Line 6 Pocket Pod in box

Line 6 Pocket Pod Multi-Effect

Type: Pocket Pod
Brand: Line 6
Condition: New In Box

The Line 6 Pocket Pod is your guitar rig on the go. No more lugging around heavy equipment and mysterious wires that don’t seem to connect to anything you own. The Pocket Pod is about the size of a guitar tuner, but it packs quite a punch. Despite the small package, the Pod has over 300 custom presets onboard based on the amps and pedals your favorite rock stars use.

The Pocket Pod runs on batteries, so you can take it anywhere and have the tone you’re looking for. This rig is great for practicing, recording, and playing out, if you’re so inclined. Think of it as a shrunken-down Line Six Pod. Along with its large selection of presets, you can dial in your tone with the easy-to-use interface. There are separate knobs for drive, different effects, delays, and channel volume. There’s even a built-in tuner. You can also save your custom presets for later.

The Line 6 Pocket Pod is compact, inexpensive, and powerful. The list price is $179.99. Contact us to add this to your guitar setup for less than the retail price.



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