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Low Brass Care and Maintenance

Adam’s Music rents low brass instruments for musicians from beginners to professionals. We have a wide range of rental instruments suitable for players at any level, and for all budgets. No matter how much your rental instrument costs, Adam’s Music ensures it is in good working order before you take it home. Use these handy care and maintenance tips to keep your instrument looking and sounding great.


Low Brass Care Sheet 2

Pick up the instrument

Grasp the instrument and remove it from its case. Always store your instrument in its case when not in use.

Low Brass Care Sheet 1

Insert the moutpiece

Insert the mouthpiece into the mouthpipe. Use a gentle twisting motion to secure the mouthpiece in the assembly. Do not force the mouthpiece into the pipe if it does not fit.


Low Brass Care Sheet 1.1

Remove excess moisture

First, gently blow into the mouthpiece while operating the water keys to remove excess moisture. Then remove the mouthpiece and wipe it down with a cloth. Store the mouthpiece in its case when finished.

Low Brass Care Sheet 2.1

Clean the body

Take a clean cloth and wipe down the body of the instrument to remove dust and fingerprints. Place your instrument in its case and secure the latches.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Low Brass Care Sheet 4

Unscrew the top valve cap

Unscrew the top valve cap and gently pull the piston assembly. Do not remove the valve from the valve casing.

Low Brass Care Sheet 6

Apply valve oil

Apply a small amount of valve oil to the exposed valve.

Low Brass Care Sheet 4.1

Insert the valve

Gently insert the valve into the casing. Make sure the valve is properly aligned once inserted. The valve will be locked into position if the valve and the valve guide are properly aligned. Screw in the valve cap.

Low Brass Care Sheet 5

Depress the valve

Depress the piston several times to ensure the lubricant is spread evenly over the valve. Repeat these steps on each valve.

Be Careful !

Your low brass instrument was designed and built to make beautiful music, and to last for many years. While your low brass instrument is sturdy and made from durable materials, it’s not designed to work if it’s neglected or abused. There are also many moving parts that can become stuck if not handled properly. Here are some dos and don’ts of proper low brass care:

If There's a Problem

Adam’s Music wants you to enjoy your low brass instrument. Our maintenance and care tips will help keep your low brass instrument in excellent playing shape. If you have a problem with your instrument, don’t try to fix it yourself. Contact Adam’s Music for instructions. Remember, we’re your friendly neighborhood music store in West Los Angeles.

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