Olds Parisian Ambassador alto saxophone in plush case

Olds Parisian Ambassador Alto Sax #051824

Type: Parisian Ambassador Alto Sax
Brand: Olds
Serial No.: #051824

Sold As Is

At a glance, this Olds Parisian Ambassador looks and feels different than a modern saxophone. Started in the early 1900s, the Olds instrument company was a staple of the American instrument market for years. During World War II, Olds made instruments for the U.S. military, along with other products for the war effort. That’s where many musicians picked up an Olds instrument for the first time. In the years following the war, Olds released the Parisian model. This saxophone is still highly sought after to this day for its impeccable tone and build quality. The Parisian Ambassador is a refined, mid-century version of the classic Parisian.

This Olds Parisian Ambassador Sax is in good condition. There are some blemishes in the finish on various parts of the saxophone. Some blemishes are from past soldering repairs. There are no dents, and the instrument is in good playing condition. It also comes with a Jupiter hard-shell case. Although the case isn’t original, it’s appropriate for this instrument.

This saxophone is in working order, and ready for someone to pick it up and start playing. Contact us for more information about this Olds Parisian Ambassador alto sax.


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