What Exactly Do Music Producers Do?

 What Exactly Do Music Producers Do Equipment Rental

Everyone has a favorite musical artist, but not many people have a favorite producer. In some cases, people might not even know what a producer is or what they do. The name alone doesn’t do the position any justice. By the sound of it, you’d think the producer just sits back while the musicians work, only chiming in to judge a take or make small adjustments. This is far from the truth. The producer plays a key role in the recording process and is just as essential as a good engineer or the musicians themselves. A producer is often responsible for everything from arranging music equipment rental, co-writing songs, and much more. Here are a few things record producers do on a regular basis when working with an artist.

Provide Technical Expertise

Hand on studio mixing board

While the producer often does a lot of technical work to help mold the sound, it’s important to not confuse them with the recording engineer. The studio engineer’s job is to set up equipment, run the mixing board, and record the artist. It’s the producer’s job to understand, and work to achieve, the artist’s vision and direct the engineer. An example of this would be picking a specific microphone to record vocals with, or knowing which effects should be used to get a desired sound. It’s the producer’s job to know everything they can about different recording techniques and apply them.

Provide Musical Expertise

Recording in a studio using laptop

Along with their technical knowledge, many producers are accomplished multi-instrumentalists and composers. If your bassist can’t nail a take, the producer can do it. If an artist needs a orchestral section for a song, the producer can compose it and organize the musicians. A producer’s musical expertise can make a huge difference in a recording session. Especially skilled producers are highly sought after by world-class musicians who want a competent co-composer for their works.

Act As a Liaison

Recording music can be stressful business. Time is money when you’re in the studio. Tension run high very quickly, especially when artists are involved. It’s one of the producer’s jobs to communicate effectively with the band, the engineer, and anyone else involved in the recording process. In many cases, the producer has a direct line to the record label and will give them any updates on the recording process. When fulfilling this duty, the producer’s goal is conflict resolution. Getting everyone on the same page and working effectively is a necessary part of managing a recording session.

Manage the Project

man operating mixing board in music studio equipment

One of the producer’s main responsibilities is to manage and schedule the recording session while remaining under budget. They arrange music equipment rental, hire additional studio musicians, and coordinate with the studio to get everyone in the right place at the right time. Every producer’s main goal is to finish the project OTOB (on time and on budget). A producer may have to step in at times if the artist gets hung up on a song, or a mix, to move things along. A good producer knows how to  coordinate effectively and facilitate the artistic process, while performing their other duties.

Facilitate Mixing and Mastering

mixing board music equipment

After an album, single, or EP has been recorded, it’s time for mixing and mastering. It’s the producers job to book a mixing studio, mix engineer, and guide them through the process to get the desired sound. Once mixing has been completed, it’s on to the mastering studio. Many believe that a good mastering studio can make or break an album. It’s the producers job to find the right mastering engineer and studio for the job. Once that’s done, the work is sent off for distribution.

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