Adams Music Trombone Care

Trombone Care and Maintenance

Adam’s Music in West Los Angeles rents trombones for beginners and professionals alike. They carry a variety of rental instruments suitable for players of all budgets and skill levels. Adam’s Music ensures all of its rental instruments are in working order before they’re available for rent. Follow these assembly instructions and maintenance tips to keep your trombone in tip-top shape.


trombone slide and bell being removed from each other

Insert the slide assembly

Insert the slide assembly into the bell assembly. Then rotate the slide to be perpendicular with the bell.

trombone bell being detached from slide

Tighten the nut

Tighten the slide receiver nut until the bell and slide are firmly attached.

trombone mouthpiece being removed from slide

Insert the mouthpiece

Insert the mouthpiece into the mouthpiece receiver. Use a slight twisting motion to secure the mouthpiece in place.


trombone mouthpiece being inserted into slide section

Remove the mouthpiece

Remove the mouthpiece and clean it with soap and warm water. Then dry with a clean cloth.

trombone spit valve being actuated

Drain excess moisture

Drain excess moisture from the trombone by depressing the water key while lightly blowing into the slide.

trombone slide being attached to the bell

Unscrew the nut

Unscrew the nut until the bell assembly and slide assembly are loose.

adams music trombone maintenance 7

Remove the slide assembly

Remove the slide assembly by gently pulling both sections until the bell and slide are separated.

Cleaning and Maintenance

adams music trombone maintenance 8

Clean the slide

After the trombone is disassembled, remove the exterior section of the slide. Then wipe down the interior section with a cloth.

adams music trombone maintenance 9

Oil the slide

Apply a small bead of oil to the outside of the inner section of the slide. Then reassemble the slide and operate it several times to evenly grease the slide.

Adams Music Trombone Maintenance

Wipe the exterior

Use a clean cloth to wipe down the exterior of the trombone. Dust and fingerprints can tarnish the trombone's finish.

Be Careful !

Dents and extreme temperature changes can impact your instrument’s tone and shorten its life. Follow these do’s and don’ts to keep your trombone in good condition.

If There's a Problem

Adam’s Music wants you to enjoy your trombone. These maintenance and care tips will help keep your trombone in top playing shape. If you have a problem with your instrument, don’t try to fix it yourself. Contact Adam’s Music for instructions. We’re your friendly neighborhood music store in West Los Angeles.

Click here for a printable PDF version of the Adam’s Music Trombone Care and Maintenance Page

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