Buescher 400 Alto Sax With Tweed Case

Type: Saxophone-Alto
Brand: Buescher
Serial No.: 451756
This Buescher 400 alto saxophone is an excellent example of mid 20th century American sax design. Based on the serial number, this sax was made in 1965. This model comes with all the bells and whistles from that era, including higher key posts to increase tone space and a redesigned bow and bell to improve tone quality. In the words of Buescher themselves, “The new ‘400’ Bueschers are infinitely improved from mouthpiece to bell!”.
This sax comes with an under-slung octave key, which is desirable on an alto saxophones of this vintage. The exterior has a classic lacquer finish with a brilliant nickel-plated keywork, and all of the long rods are made from nickel silver. The widened bell brings clarity to the lower register, while preserving the brilliant tone quality. Here’s a video demonstration of a Buescher alto saxophone from the same era.
This sax has been completely overhauled and comes with a vintage tweed case with a flashy red interior. Contact Adam’s Music for more information about this Buescher 400 alto saxophone.