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Adam’s Music is your friendly neighborhood music store ​in West Los Angeles. Adam’s Music believes music is a fundamental part of a well-rounded life. That means music lessons should be a part of every education.

Adam’s Music serves students of all ages. No matter what style of music you want to learn, or your current skill level, Adam’s has a teacher for you.

adams music piano lessons

Coronavirus update:

Keeping our students, customers, and staff safe is our top priority. We’ve recently re-opened up our in-store practice and lesson rooms for our customers. To help slow the spread of Coronavirus in our community, masks are recommended for all in-store lessons, wherever practical.  We are now open for all other aspects of our business at our new location at 11742 W. Pico Blvd. in West Los Angeles from 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am to 4 pm Saturday and Sunday.

We also offer online lessons with our world-class teachers over video chat.

Schedule your free online introductory music lesson:

Adam’s Music offers a free, half-hour introductory music lesson in our store, or over video chat. If you’ve always wanted to pick up a new instrument or brush up on your technique, now’s a perfect time! Contact us today to arrange a free introductory music lesson with one of our teachers.


Choose your instrument. Meet our teachers

adams music guitar lessons


Adam's Music has guitar teachers for every style of music

piano lessons adamsmusic.com


Get patient, expert instruction from excellent piano teachers

vocal lessons adamsmusic.com


Learn to sing any style of music with power and style

drum lessons adamsmusic.com


Expert drum and percussion lessons for all styles of music

clarinet maintenance adams music


Adam's Music has several talented clarinet teachers

flute maintenance adams music


See our list of flute instructors. We also have recorder lessons!

violin being played outside with bow and instrument in frame


Learn to play the violin with one of our patient, caring teachers

trombone maintenance adams music


See our list of expert, patient trombone instructors

trumpet maintenance adams music


Adam's Music has many trumpet teachers for all styles

saxophone laying on sheet music


Accomplished and experienced saxophone teachers

low brass instruments being played in parade

Baritone Horn

See our list of private instructors for these important instruments

french horn lessons adamsmusic.com

French Horn

Learn to play this fascinating brass instrument

person playing cello


Adam's Music has taught hundreds of musicians to play cello

closeup of oboe body


Our instructors offer patient instruction and helpful tips to play better fast

upright bass being played outside

Upright Bass

Learn to play jazz, classical or pop music with correct fingering and tone

ukulele lessons adamsmusic.com


Learn to play these popular instruments with one of our many talented teachers

electric bass lessons adamsmusic.com

Electric Bass

You'll become the rock solid base for any band with one-on-one instruction

viola lessons adamsmusic.com


It's fun and rewarding to learn to play viola with private lessons at Adam's Music

banjo lessons adamsmusic.com


Learn to play this popular instrument with one of our talented teachers

Enjoy private music lessons from experienced teachers

Choose the lesson plan that suits your schedule and budget







What our customers say about Adam's Music

April W.
Read More
This place is magical to saw the least! Oh my goodness! Everything musical! Even the rental of instruments is available! They teach lessons and I'm very impressed at the professionalism of the owner! This is your place for your musical needs! Stop by! You won't be disappointed at all!
Janine Riveire
Read More
They really want you to learn music! Adam helps you find the right teacher match, and the instruments they rent are good student quality so you will be able to learn with them. They care about delivering good quality.
Cat B.
Read More
An absolutely gem! I spontaneously decided I wanted to play violin at age 31 and stopped into Adam's music. They were so kind and got me set up with a violin and a contact for lessons. 2.5 years later I just purchased a beautiful (and much more expensive) violin, case, and bow. I am still taking lessons with Ann Dunn (who is amazing) and only go to Adam's for all of my music needs. They are incredibly knowledgeable, no pressure, and friendly. Definitely go hear if you play or are looking to play an instrument.
Arya Boudaie
Read More
've been going here since 8th grade (going to college now) and I've never had a bad experience. These people are friendly, easy to work with, and very knowledgeable. I trust that they won't rip me off during repairs like a stereotypical sleazy car repairman charging for headlight fluid. I've had both clarinet and violin lessons at Adams and both of those teachers were very helpful teachers as well. Overall awesome place, I wish I could work there and listen to clarinet squeaks all day.
Kat T.
Kat T.
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I've been looking for some time for a piano teacher that can work with special needs child & was very happy when one of my friends told me she found one. I brought my son who has autism for his first piano lesson last month, and so glad I did. His teacher Seri, has a perfect approach for teaching kids like him. My son loved his first lesson & looks forward to going every week.

Free Trial Lesson

Adam’s Music has taught thousands of Los Angeles residents to sing, play, compose, and perform. If you’re still wondering if music lessons are right for you, you’ll appreciate our free trial lesson. Contact us today to find out how we can help you become a better musician!

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