New and Used Woodwinds

Here at Adam’s Music in Los Angeles, we take pride in our commitment to offering an extensive range of new and vintage woodwind instruments. Our goal is to cater to musicians of all levels and styles, ensuring that they find the perfect instrument to suit their needs.
hands playing tenor saxophone

Vito “Special” Alto Saxophone #1465

Type: Alto Saxophone Brand: Vito Serial No.: #1465 Sold As Is A Vito “Special” alto saxophone, serial 1465, in a cool gold matte finish. We’re not sure of the date of manufacture...

Conn “Shooting Star” Alto Saxophone

SOLD Type: “Shooting Star” Alto Saxophone Brand: Conn Serial No.: #L99015 SOLD Since its inception, Conn has been a major influence on the production of brass, woodwinds, and saxophones in...

King Cleveland 613 Alto Sax

SOLD Type: Cleveland 613 Alto Saxophone Brand: King Serial No.: #686121 King, now a subsidiary of Steinway Instruments, is a respected producer of saxophones and other musical instruments. When the...

Vito Beaugnier Stencil Alto Saxophone

SOLD Type: Beaugnier Stencil Alto Saxophone Brand: Vito Serial No.: #897A Sold  Vito Beaugnier saxophones are a rare find in good condition. Made in Mantes, France, Beaugnier produced high-quality...

Olds Parisian Ambassador Alto Sax #051824

Type: Parisian Ambassador Alto Sax Brand: Olds Serial No.: #051824 Sold As Is At a glance, this Olds Parisian Ambassador looks and feels different than a modern saxophone. Started in the early 1900s...

Antigua Winds Alto Saxophone

Type: Alto Saxophone Brand: Antigua Winds Serial No.: #A9015397 Sold As Is This Antigua Winds Alto Saxophone is an excellent option for beginners and professionals alike. This saxophone strikes a...

Vito Leblanc Model 35 “Johnny Hodges” Alto Saxophone

Sold Type: Model 35 “Johnny Hodges” Alto Saxophone Brand: Vito Leblanc Serial No.: #2245A This Vito LeBlanc “Johnny Hodges” alto saxophone is a rare find in good condition...

1964 Buescher Aristocrat Alto Sax

Type: Alto Saxophone Brand: Buescher Serial No.: #389795 Buescher instruments have been known for their craftsmanship, tone, and elegance since the company was founded in 1894. Their alto saxophones...

Evette Sponsored By Buffet Bb Clarinet With Original Case

SOLD Type: Clarinet Brand: Evette by Buffet Crampon Serial No.: #B10363 For over a century, Buffet Crampon has crafted professional instruments that are loved by professional musicians across the...

What our customers say about Adam's Music

April W.
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This place is magical to saw the least! Oh my goodness! Everything musical! Even the rental of instruments is available! They teach lessons and I'm very impressed at the professionalism of the owner! This is your place for your musical needs! Stop by! You won't be disappointed at all!
Janine Riveire
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They really want you to learn music! Adam helps you find the right teacher match, and the instruments they rent are good student quality so you will be able to learn with them. They care about delivering good quality.
Cat B.
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An absolutely gem! I spontaneously decided I wanted to play violin at age 31 and stopped into Adam's music. They were so kind and got me set up with a violin and a contact for lessons. 2.5 years later I just purchased a beautiful (and much more expensive) violin, case, and bow. I am still taking lessons with Ann Dunn (who is amazing) and only go to Adam's for all of my music needs. They are incredibly knowledgeable, no pressure, and friendly. Definitely go hear if you play or are looking to play an instrument.
Arya Boudaie
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've been going here since 8th grade (going to college now) and I've never had a bad experience. These people are friendly, easy to work with, and very knowledgeable. I trust that they won't rip me off during repairs like a stereotypical sleazy car repairman charging for headlight fluid. I've had both clarinet and violin lessons at Adams and both of those teachers were very helpful teachers as well. Overall awesome place, I wish I could work there and listen to clarinet squeaks all day.
Kat T.
Kat T.
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I've been looking for some time for a piano teacher that can work with special needs child & was very happy when one of my friends told me she found one. I brought my son who has autism for his first piano lesson last month, and so glad I did. His teacher Seri, has a perfect approach for teaching kids like him. My son loved his first lesson & looks forward to going every week.
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