Musical Prop Rentals

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If you’re looking for a musical prop rental in Los Angeles, you can’t do better than Adam’s Music in West LA. Adam’s Music has been supplying interesting, affordable, accurate, and playable musical instrument prop rental for decades. Adam’s Music is especially useful for prop rentals for band instruments like brass and woodwinds. They also have orchestra instruments like the violin and cellos that can’t be found at other music stores.

Movie Props Rental

Hollywood prop rental is a big business. Most of the big movie production companies have their own supply of theatrical props. Some even rent out their supply to individuals for occasions like parties. If there’s one area where the studios need a little help, it’s with musical instrument prop rentals. It’s not practical for studios to keep every kind of instrument in stock. That’s especially true of band or orchestra instruments.

Adam’s Music rents the widest range of musical instruments in Los Angeles to everyone from beginners to world-famous musicians. That means that we’ve got instruments of all kinds, and suitable for any venue. If you’re a movie production company, and you need a particular music instrument for use as a prop, you can’t do better than the selection at Adam’s Music. Not only will the instrument look correct in your movie or television production, it can also be played if necessary.

Stage Props Rental

Props for stage productions need to be visually correct, and sturdy as well. Adam’s Music has many different musical instruments for sale or rent by the day, week, month, or longer term. They can supply your theater group with the appropriate instrument for your production, including hard to find band and orchestra instruments. Adam’s Music can also make sure you’ve got an instrument that’s sturdy enough for the rigors of fast set changes and casual handling by set dressers. Our musical instrument prop rentals come in sturdy cases that make handling a breeze. It also makes it less likely that the instrument will be damaged or misplaced during transportation and on-site storage.

Photography Prop Rental

Photographers who need to include musical instruments in their shoots rely on Adam’s Music for the perfect instrument. We’ll help you select photography props that look authentic in any staged setting. Adam’s Music carries some of the most iconic instrument brands in the world, so you can include them in even the most high-end photo shoots. Unlike many music stores, Adam’s Music has single-day rentals for their catalog of musical instrument rentals. That will save you money if you only need the instrument for an hour or two.

Vintage Prop Rental

Movie shoots, stage performances, and photography sessions often need musical prop rentals that look pristine. Adam’s Music has instruments that look brand new if you need them. Adam’s Music can also supply you with vintage musical instruments that look perfect in any setting, from any era. If you need an instrument that has to withstand the scrutiny that comes with closeups, you’ll really appreciate Adam’s Music’s wide selection of vintage musical instruments. Unlike many prop houses, our musical instrument rentals are in good working order for realistic use in film and video shoots.

Rely on Adam’s Music Expertise

If you’re a production company on a budget, you have better things to do with your time than researching musical instruments. Contact Adam’s Music in West Los Angeles and take advantage of the decades of musical experience of our friendly, knowledgeable staff. We’ll suggest just the right musical prop for your movie, video, or photography shoot. That saves, time, money, and aggravation, and you’ll end up with a better final product. Contact Adam’s Music today to find out more about our music prop rental in Los Angeles.