621313 Olds Mendez.preview

Olds Mendez Trumpet

621313 olds mendez trumpet left side621313 olds mendez trumpet right sideType: Trumpet
Brand: Olds
Serial No.: 621313

Olds Mendez Trumpet USA 1967-68

This Olds trumpet is a good, all purpose horn. It’s similar to a Bach Model 37 trumpet.

F.E. Olds has been manufacturing trumpets and other brass instruments in California for over a century. Their instruments have a reputation for durability and value for your money. Many students have begun their musical careers using Olds brass instruments. Olds trumpets are also popular with working musicians for their great tone and sturdy design.

The valve action is good, and all slides move freely. The horn plays great, and looks sharp. Visit Adam’s Music at 11742 West Pico Boulevard in west Los Angeles to find out more, and to try out the instrument before you buy. $1399


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