When It’s Time To Upgrade Your Violin

When It's Time To Upgrade Your Violin - www.adamsmusic.com

Everyone remembers their first instrument. Whether it was a gift, or you saved up to get yourself, it carries enormous sentimental value. Hours of practice have made you familiar with every part of it, including its shortcomings. It may not have been the fanciest, but it got the job done. It’s universal amongst musicians to do the best you can with what you can afford, but after a while you need something new. Here are a few indications that it’s time to upgrade your violin in Los Angeles.

There Are Issues With the Instrument

violin closeup with strings and f-hole

Many musicians start learning their craft early in life. Your first violin may have been a loaner from your school or a dusty old thing excavated from your parent’s closet. Everyone has to start somewhere, but after your skills develop, you’ll start to notice issues with your instrument. The neck is bowed, the tuning pegs have a mind of their own, and the bridge is a mess. You can always pay to have it repaired, but some instruments are better as a keepsake. Issues with your instrument will keep you from developing your skills. Achieving a nuanced tone is much harder when you’re battling with the instrument every practice session.

It’s The Wrong Size

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Your instrument should fit like a glove. A violin that’s too large or too small will impact playability and make practicing much more difficult. In some cases it may make it nearly impossible to play the instrument at all. If you’re just starting out, this can be incredibly disheartening. Young musicians usually start with a 1/16 or 1/10 violin and move up through the sizes as they get older. If you rent a violin every year for school, upgrading as you grow is par for the course. If you’re a full-grown adult and you still play an instrument from when you were in grade school, it’s definitely time to upgrade your violin.

You’re Playing At A Higher Level

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There are three main types of violin: beginner, intermediate, and professional. Depending on your financial situation, there’s a good chance you started out with a beginner violin. There’s nothing wrong with a well-maintained beginner violin, but it’ll only get you so far before before its limitations start to show. It’s important to have an instrument that lets you express yourself musically. A professional-grade violin is head and shoulders above even the best beginner instrument. If you want an instrument with the best materials, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, it makes sense to upgrade.

Keep in mind that your violin bow will effect the tone just as much as the violin itself. If you plan on upgrading to an intermediate or professional violin, consider upgrading your bow as well.

Your Performances Require A Different Instrument

violin players performing on dark stage

Each violin has its own features and drawbacks that become more apparent when performing. This depends on the kind of music you play. Soloists need an instrument with good projection and rich overtones to fill a whole venue. A violin that works great solo might sound strange when performing orchestral or chamber music. Orchestral music might need an entirely different instrument to blend well with all the other musicians on stage.

You Want To Try Something New

cello, viola, and violin on their side

A new instrument can be an excellent source of inspiration. Maybe the violin isn’t for you, but you still want to play a bowed-string instrument. It wouldn’t hurt to pick up a viola or cello. It might fit your style of playing better. If you want to keep playing the violin but your current instrument is starting to get boring, the grass may be greener on the other side. Go down to your local music shop and try out something new. It might be just what you need to reinvigorate your playing.

Looking to Upgrade Your Violin in Los Angeles?

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