Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals

istanbul mehmet cymbals adams musicType: Drums
Brand: Istanbul
Serial No.: 478228

We are a proud dealer of Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals. Pete Tavella, our drum teacher, hand picks the best of their fine cymbals.

Istanbul Mehmet is part of the long tradition of cymbal making in Turkey. Cymbal making has been synonymous with Turkish artisans since the 17th century. Istanbul Mehmet adheres to time-honored processes to produce the best cymbals possible. They also adapt these processes to produce cymbals that meet the demands of modern musicians for tone, projection, and durability.

Your Los Angeles Source for Istanbul Mehmet

Istanbul Mehmet have exported cymbals to the United States since 1984. In the intervening years, thousands of drummers have learned how well made and beautifully sounding these cymbals are. Adam’s Music is proud to be one of the few music stores in California who carry Istanbul Mehmet cymbals.