1951 Selmer Centered Tone Clarinet With Original Case

Type: Clarinet
Brand: Selmer
Serial No.: N8114

Selmer Centered Tone (CT) clarinets are some of the finest Jazz clarinets ever made, especially ones made in the 1950’s. This particular instrument was crafted during the “Golden Era” of Jazz clarinets. That makes it one of the most sought after clarinets of the last century. Not only for its high quality and unique sound, but its historical value. Selmer instruments were notably played by Benny Goodman, who loved his Centered Tone Clarinet. It’s hard to argue with the judgement of a jazz giant.

Made from fine black grenadilla wood and sporting a nickel-plated keywork, this clarinet looks and plays like a dream. It’s in great condition and ready for someone to pick up and play it again. On the technical end, this instrument has a wide bore and large tone holes, which gives it a luxurious tone. The Selmer CT has an excellent key mechanism, which allows the musician to play expressively. This clarinet can fill a room with a full-bodied, clear and warm tone. The Selmer CT can project clearly from the lowest to highest notes in its range. This high quality woodwind also comes with its original, vintage case, making it a complete package for any Selmer aficionado.

Despite being nearly 70 years old, this Selmer CT remains in great condition. From its body to its keywork, everything has been checked to ensure function and quality. With its original case, this is a rare find and full of potential for a lucky musician or collector.

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