1958 Selmer Centered Tone Clarinet With Original Pouchette-Style Case

Type: Clarinet
Brand: Selmer
Serial No.: #R1055

This Selmer Centered Tone (CT) clarinet was made in the “Golden Age” of Jazz Clarinets. CT model is highly sought after for its quality craftsmanship, unique sound, and historical value. The clarinet has a warm, woody, full-bodied tone. It holds clear and focused notes from the highest register to the lowest. The most notable advocate of Selmer CT clarinets was Benny Goodman. After performing with a Centered Tone clarinet for a time, he became a brand ambassador for Selmer.

This clarinet is made from traditional black grenadilla wood and fine nickel-plated keywork. It has a large bore and large tone holes. This adds to its remarkable projection and acoustics. The Selmer’s masterful keywork makes this clarinet easy to play, and helps the musician play expressively. This clarinet is in wonderful condition considering its age. It’s fully functional and ready to be picked up and played. This clarinet also comes with its original pouchette-style case which makes it a complete package.

Over the years, the Selmer CT has retained its original elegance and integrity. This is a rare, vintage find. Any musician or collector would be lucky to have this piece. Contact Adam’s Music for more information about this Selmer Centered Tone clarinet.