Evette Sponsored By Buffet Bb Clarinet With Original Case

Type: Clarinet
Brand: Evette by Buffet Crampon
Serial No.: #B10363

For over a century, Buffet Crampon has crafted professional instruments that are loved by professional musicians across the globe. In the early, 1980s Buffet expanded its instrument catalogue to include beginner and intermediate clarinets and saxophones. These models fell under the  Evette and Evette Schaeffer brand names. Although Evette instruments were less expensive than their flagship models, they maintained the precision and craftsmanship of their more expensive counterparts. Many models of Evette clarinets are no longer in production, or the designs have changed over the years. This makes early Evette models desirable for collectors, professionals musicians, and amateur players alike.

This Evette Sponsored by Buffet Bb clarinet is in great condition. The instrument has recently been serviced. All of the pads are sealing well and the corks are in good condition. The clarinet has a traditional black finish, which highlights the nickel-plated keywork. The large bore hole is similar to the Buffet Crampon poly-bore design with a 1mm difference in bore diameter. The Evette has fantastic intonation and excellent projection across all ranges.

This is a rare find in great condition. Any musician or collector would be lucky to have this piece. Contact Adam’s Music for more information about this Evette Sponsored by Buffet clarinet.