Conn 6M “Naked Lady” Alto Saxophone With Original Case

Type: Alto Saxophone
Brand: Conn
Serial No.: 856127

The Conn 6M is a very desirable saxophone due to its innovative design, excellent build quality, and beautifully etched exterior. This model is commonly known as the “Naked Lady” because of the signature etching of a beautiful woman on the bell. The 6M features a double socket neck, which eliminates the large collar on the body tube. This type of neck joint provides a better seal, which creates a more even tone response. Based on the serial number, we can tell that this Conn sax was made in 1960, which is one of the final production years for the 6M. The saxophone has a lacquer finish, a nickel-plated keywork, and mother of pearl key inlays. It also comes with its original Conn case.

Here’s a video demo of a different Conn 6M Naked Lady Saxophone from a similar vintage:

This Conn 6M alto saxophone is in good playing condition, and would make an excellent option for recording and performing. Many influential Jazz musicians have favored the Conn 6M over other instruments. Notably, Charlie Parker played this model of saxophone for many years. In the picture below, you can see Charlie Parker performing with his Conn 6M Naked Lady saxophone.

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